Franzosen für Israels Workforce. Israel will die Berufsabschlüsse anerkennen, damit Franzosen mosaischen Glaubens in Israel tätig werden können.
Was geschieht unter dem Felsendom und der Al Aqsa Moschee

In Israel, a gag order was placed on the report due to fears it would harm Israel’s foreign relations and spark violent confrontations at the Temple Mount. News of the Jewish Voice report was first published in the Israeli weekend newspaper Sof Hashavua. The State Comptroller composed the report in 2008, after it was ordered by the State Control Committee in the Knesset.

Comment. Dome of the Rock and Alaqsa Mosque

This report to me seems very suspicious epecially coming from Israeli authorities. It is a well knowm fact that Settlers and those in the far right have been trying everything to weaken the foundations of the Muslim holy site. And now this story seems to be blaming the Muslims for any potential weakening of the foundations. And im guesing trying to avoid taking the blame for the subsequent collapse and destruction of the site in the future. To the Israelis i would say be aware that the world knows of these plots and any such provacation or outcome would lead to Muslims around the world coming together. Armies and civilians men and women and laying waste to the zionist dream. As for uncle sam i doubt even he will want to get involved because they would also be decimated. For the sake of humanity people wake up and stop this madness.

—und wann brechen Felsendom und die Al-Aqsa Mosque zusammen?

Dann kann der dritte Tempelbau endlich stattfinden. 

Wort gegen Wort und der Rest der Welt bleibt STUMM!

Israel entlässt am 30. Dez. 2013 weitere Gefangene. Palästinenser wollen weiterer Landenteignung für Gefangene jedoch nicht zustimmen, wie bei den letzten zwei Malen.

On Thursday, the Palestinian Authority warned Israel against announcing new settlement construction in response to prisoner release, as the government did following the two previous releases.

Gaza – einziges E-Werk schließt bis zu 12 Stunden täglich. Und das bei Hochwasser und Schneesturm.   Kein Öl vorhanden, obwohl Israel eigentlich die Lieferungen zulassen sollte.

Netanyahus Rede für die Reformierten Juden in San Diego.

Nice spin Bibi !! It may take an act of G_D to trust you !!

Palästina muss Israel anerkennen.

Comment: The Palestinians have accepted Israel, but it would be wrong for them to accept it as a Jewish State. If they did, they would be agreeing that they are second-class citizens (which would be immoral).

Chodorkowsky: His company, Yukos, was broken up and sold off, mainly into state hands, following his arrest at gunpoint on an airport runway in Siberia on fraud and tax evasion charges in 2003.
He became a symbol of what investors say is the Kremlin’s abuse of the courts for political ends.

Warum sollte eigentlich ein Mann, der sich so an dem verarmten Russland bereichert hatte, nicht ins Gefängnis müssen.

Ich hatte mich gewundert, dass der Anglikanische Bishof Tutu nicht an den Beerdigungsfeiern für Mandela teilnahm. Es scheint an der früheren Kritik Tutus an dem ANC-Führer ZUMA zu liegen, der wegen Vergewaltigung und Korruption angeklagt und dann natürlich freigesprochen wurde.

Before April 2009 elections propelled Zuma to the presidency, Tutu had said he was so skeptical of the ANC leader he was considering not casting a ballot. Tutu cited a rape trial in which Zuma was acquitted and corruption charges that were dropped just before the vote.

Tutu worked closely with Mandela and served as one of the anti-apartheid struggle’s most visible public figures during the 27 years when Mandela was imprisoned. Tutu was the chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission created by Mandela’s government which investigated apartheid atrocities and he delivered the final report to Mandela in October 1998.

Jewish Studies scholars rue ‘misguided’ boycott of Israeli academia
As American Studies Association stands behind symbolic boycott, some of their colleagues worry that Israel-bashing has become trendy in U.S. academia.

The ASA boycott is getting a fair amount of attention in the United States because the vote marks the first time a relatively sizable American academic group has called for a boycott.

Und was sagen Christen und Muslims nach Meinung von Robert Harris dazu?

Robert Harris, associate professor of Bible at the Jewish Theological Seminary said such protests appear to be a growing trend.

“But the Muslims and Christians with whom I’ve been in dialogue with know that is not the way to bring peace. It’s engagement that ought to be the key,” he said.

Österreicher Karl Simlinger, Bürgermeister von Gfohl, vergleicht Journalisten mit Juden. Sie sollten gehängt werden.

Austrian mayor quits after saying Jews should be hanged
‘I don’t give a s— about asylum seekers,’ says mayor, adding: Journalists, Jews should be hanged. – Jetzt ist er berühmt geworden. Wieviele Seelen hat das Dörfchen?

Nachruf auf Al Goldstein:

Er wäre entzückt gewesen und hätte bestimmt Pussy Riot fördern können. Aber jetzt ist er tot. Der Meister der Pornographie, Al Goldstein ist tot.

So – und nun wollen wir auch weiterhin über unseren Tellerrand schauen, denn unsere  ÖR-Presse- und Zeitungsorgane erzählen uns nichts.
Auf ein gutes und friedliches Jahr 2014!

Immer schön optimistisch bleiben.