If you want to know more about the danger of Depleted Uranium, read an article written by Prof. Dr. Elaine A. Hunter:


What I did not know was the danger of spontaneous Neutron Emissions, if you have some ammunition of DU in the same place. Obviously the radiation amount of deadly Neutrons and X-Rays were never mentioned in the scientific literature.  

The Case For Spontaneous Neutron Emissions From Concentrated “Depleted” Uranium

If you know soldiers inform them about the risks of wars by sending them the link to Prof. Dr. Elaine A. Hunter’s information.


Depleted Uranium seems to be the cheapest weapon to kill or hurt people. The fall-out in form of dust hits neighbouring countries as well. The wind carries it everywhere around the globe.

Today I saw an article about Pakistan.  They do not know who did run the attack on the Pakistan Air Force this morning (last day of Ramadan celebration) :


There will be again a lot of lies to watch at Western TV, I am afraid. But, boys, do not go to war anymore.  It will be deadly for you, even if your country wins. (Get informed about DU-weapons).